Keystone Country Manor

Keystone Retaining Wall Systems is proud to bring you another great wall system…Country Manor!

This dry stacked yet mechanically connected wall evokes the old world charm of a mason crafted wall. Imagine an English countryside lane or a European estate wall…now you have the idea of Country Manor. Random and rugged yet blended with color and character, these high strength concrete modules appear as natural stone, but have the latest built-in technology of the Keystone pin assured connection.

Whether for castle or home…graceful curves, monumental corners and free standing parapets are all part of the charm of Country Manor from Keystone…The first, and last name you need to know for the finest site solutions.

When building with the Country Manor product the units can be oriented in two different positions. For retaining walls, either the open or closed positions will work. For parapets, columns, pilasters, etc., where the wall face can be seen from more than one side, the closed alignment position should be used. When using the “open” position, be sure that drainage aggregate (1/2″ – 3/4″ crushed stone) is used to fill in the gap and restrict the flow of retained soil.

Each unit has sets of 3 alignment holes (front, middle, back) to allow walls to be built at “near vertical,” 9.5° batter (setback) or the occasional random unit pulled forward by 1″ for aesthetic variation. Place a single pin at each set.

The receiving channel on the bottom surface of each unit connects over the pins from the course below. Walls can be built with positive mechanical connection in 90° corners, curves and straight wall geometry without loss of connection or strength.

The closed channel end at the unit bottom allows for finished end aesthetics on 90° corners, pilasters and wall end conditions. As required for pin interlock, remove the solid end of the receiving channel. Remove only if pin from unit below strikes this area.

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