Ready to Use Permeable Pavers?

June 29th, 2022

Permeable pavers are both an attractive and useful option for your project. They are low maintenance, cost-effective product, and they also help aid stormwater management, reduce runoff, and decrease flooding risks while providing enhanced aesthetics.

To install these pavers, you must do so over various layers of open grade stone that allows stormwater to infiltrate on-site and aid in restoration of groundwater aquifers instead of inundating our already overloaded storm systems. A permeable paving system also helps protect water quality, reduces flooding potential, and decreases stream bank erosion.

Permeable pavers certainly have ecological benefits, but there are also tax rebates available when utilizing these systems. Several municipalities as well as local DNR offer various incentives for installing permeable systems instead of impermeable surfaces, especially in watershed areas. This can include new construction and/or the restoration of existing sites. Be sure to check with your local municipality for more details.

If you're ready to learn more, or have more questions about permeable pavers or would like to utilize these for you next project, call in or stop by your nearest Midland location today.